Introducing Rōti Perks

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Earn points any way you pay

Order a head in the app or at the register to earn 1 Pita Point per 1$ spent.

Redeem for rewards

Earn FREE food and drink rewards starting at 30 Pita Points($30 Spent)!

Unlock more with tiers

The more you visit, the higher your tier! Start at Explorer, the move your way up to Ambassador ($50 spend) and VIP($100 spend)!*

$1 = 1 Pita point


$0 Annual Spend


$50 Annual Spend


$100 Annual Spend

Sign-up Reward
Birthday reward
Access to points marketplace
1 Free dessert per month
Spread discount

10% off

20% off

Free side of falafel
Monthly $5 reward

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Rōti rewards

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